Mediation and Arbitration

The litigation and trial processes of the courts are often a daunting and certainly expensive means of resolving a civil dispute.  While litigation cannot always be avoided, it is always advantageous to explore early resolution of a civil dispute through the mediation process.  Mediation can occur at any time, even before a law suit is filed, if the parties are willing to spend some quality time and effort to resolve their differences.

 With 30 years of litigation experience in a broad range of civil matters representing both plaintiffs and defendants, Mr. Kent can provide the parties with a neutral mediation of virtually any civil dispute.  His calm and professional demeanor can diffuse an otherwise potentially contentious meeting of the parties involved in a civil conflict.  He also serves as a Settlement Conference Panelist for the Marin County Superior Court, and has a high rate of success in resolving disputes.  Having been a litigator for his entire legal career provides Mr. Kent with a keen insight to the process, the emotions of the parties involved, and the realities and expenses of continued litigation.

 Whether you are presently involved in litigation, are represented by counsel or representing yourself, or have a civil dispute with another party, mediation can save time, money, and further stress of litigation.  A successful mediation will allow you to get back to doing what you do best – enjoying your life or running your business.