Construction Law and Litigation

As a former partner in a firm that handled solely construction litigation cases, and as head of his own firm, Mr. Kent has handled voluminous cases in the construction industry.  From mechanics liens, stop notices, payment bond enforcement, private and public works, contract disputes, and construction defects, Mr. Kent has the experience needed to represent many facets of the construction process – from the material supplier, subcontractor, and general contractor to the homeowner.

Construction litigation cases are usually very complex, and involve a large number of parties to the litigation.  More often than not, a Special Master is appointed by the court to oversee the progress of the case, and to make sure that the case is proceeding in a timely fashion.  These cases are labor intensive, complex, and time consuming.  It is essential that if you have to become involved in a construction dispute, you have the right lawyer on your side.

 With the recent change in the California Mechanic’s Lien Law, it is imperative that you have all your “I’s” dotted and your “T’s” crossed before you get to the point where litigation becomes necessary.  If you are in the trades and have not done so, you may well have forfeited some valuable rights.   As a property owner, there are also certain steps you should take to avoid the possibility of being sued down the road.  Of course, it is virtually impossible to avoid all suits, however, if you have covered your bases in the beginning, it will pay off at the end.

Whatever your constructgion related situation may be, whether as a homeowner, contractor, subcontractor or material supplier, KENT LAW has the experience you need